Social Identity Fashion Show

Who decides our identity?

 As we go through life, we struggle to negotiate our connection to group identities and the need to express our own individual identities. Often, society assigns us inaccurate or uncomfortable social identities on the basis of our backgrounds, skin color, or religious beliefs. In the Social Identity Fashion Show, students walk down the runway in two outfits: the first represents the assumptions that society makes about them. The second represents the identities that are most powerful and important to them. 


Boundaries: Are They Necessary in Relationships?

 Ever find yourself in a situation where you feel like you have to say yes to things you'd rather not for feat of being impolite?
Come and have a conversation about how to navigate this space with friends, lovers, and family.

The space will be accessible to assistive mobility devices and wheelchairs. We will have seating space integrated for wheelchairs and assistive mobility devices in the space. 

Sexual Assault Conversation: Ask Your Questions

Having a big sale, on-site celebrity, or other event? Be sure to announce it so everybody knows and gets excited about it. Are you looking for resources?
Do you want to discuss healthy relationships?
Are you trying to figure out how to implement change on these issues on campus?

Ima, a Community Educator with Sexual Assault and Violence Intervention Program (SAVI), lead us in an open format conversation around any topics concerning sexual assault, consent, healthy relationships, boundaries, and more! 

Good Talk: Tools to Advance Nonviolent & Equitable Communication

 Do you recall the first time someone communicated love and affirmation for you for being all of who you are? Do you recall the first time someone belittled you for your race, gender, sexuality, ethnicity, documentation status or religious background? Conversations can be sites of affirmation, connection, intimacy and can also be sites for violence, isolation and permanent harm.

In our current climate bias beliefs often lead to conversations devoid of respect causing hostility in within families, college campuses and wider society. In this workshop, participants will use this information to gain equitable communication skills on how to interrupt and mediate personal and communal conflict that relates to racism, xenophobia and religious discrimination. 


Launch Parties

 Every fall semester, CERRU welcomes students back to the hustle and bustle of college by hosting a Launch Party dedicated to a specific theme. Clubs and student organizations also co-sponsor and attend the party. These parties help to bring together a variety of different people to celebrate the start of a school year. 

Who Will Save Gotham City was CERRU's Fall 2018 Theme

"Come dressed as your favorite hero, whether it's Marvel, DC, Manga, Anime, or an important figure from real life."  

At this Launch Party, we celebrated heroes of all shapes, colors, and genders whether they are fictional or everyday heroes.